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One consciousness,
one universe to explore
and develop.
At Quantum Zurich we want to contribute to broaden our consciousness as mankind

Although the aim of life for human beings has never been clear, there has always been a motor-principle: the survival of the species and the expansion of the consciousness of mankind across the universe. In a similar way to what happens in all forms of life, we have also developed tools for this goal. R&D is not an easy task, but thanks to it many scientist and engineers around the world are capable of exploring and expanding our always limited universe. Nowadays it is evident that science and technology is one of the most fruitful tools for survival in this mysterious and never ending path. And here we are.

Quantum Zurich is dedicated to developing new tools for R&D in photovoltaics. Physics is at the heart of our work as well as a passion for simplicity and well-finished products. We make instruments and we develop software, helping others to push forward boundaries in science and technology. To do so we collaborate with universities and research centers, finding cost-effective solutions to practical requirements in the laboratory.

Let's evolve together

Quantum-Efficiency-Measurements System
FAST Quantum Efficiency

Click & Measure

It has never been so Fast & Simple to measure the quantum efficiency of solar cells. This is not a system made to compete with traditional monochromator based systems, but to rocket up solar cell manufacturing R&D projects.

Quantum-Efficiency-Measurements service

We are listening to you....

A life without problems, a system without bugs. Our compromise is to support you in the installation and use of the Fast Quantum Efficiency Measurement System. We are eager to offer you, with honesty and respect, our technical expertise and a proper after-sales service.

Quantum-Efficiency-Measurements contact
Here We Are

A place where science and technology throb

In Switzerland we are at the heart of the global science and technology community. It is a land that possesses one of the world’s most fertile R&D ecosystems, with a dense network of small size, but high quality and innovative enterprises, which are surrounded by an academic environment of excellence.

Quantum Zurich


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Quantum Zurich

Let's evolve together